About Us

In 2010 an opportunity came up to address the concerns, increasingly voiced over a period of years, that changing land use and demographics, particularly at the upper end of both valleys, was leading to question marks over whether people would continue to live and work in these areas.
The loss of hill sheep farms to commercial forestry and game birds, high house prices, coupled with the loss of cottages to rent and the falling rolls of the local schools, were all identified as concerns.

Some long-standing services had been lost like the village post office and shop but services regarded as essential now to most of the population, such as reliable mobile phone coverage and broadband, were still not available.

It was recognised that without new families and people of working age staying in the valleys, life for everyone would be less secure in the short-term and possibly unsustainable in future. A number of actions were taken to address these issues and a Community Development Company was formed which allows us to hold property and raise funding to give us an on- going vehicle for some of the schemes identified that would help our valleys.