The Bodesbeck Road – linking the Ettrick and Moffat Valleys

The head of the Ettrick Valley is one of the remotest parts of the area covered by the Development Company. The road to it is a six mile long single track cul-de-sac; it’s often cut off by flooding and is well over 20 miles from the nearest services in Selkirk.

It is, however, only about eight miles from Moffat and an old drove road (which is a Right of Way) leads over the hills from the end of the public road to the A708 in the Moffat Water valley at Capplegill. This route was used by traffic until the end of the 1950s but has since fallen into disrepair.

The Ring of the Loch Walk at St Mary’s Loch

This Project was the Development Company’s first significant project. Its aim was to create a walk right round St Mary's Loch in the Yarrow Valley with the aim of attracting more visitors to this spectacularly scenic area, to the benefit of local businesses, hotels, cafes and B & Bs, to enhance those visitors’ experience by providing opportunities to visit previously inaccessible areas and viewpoints, and to encourage visitors to explore this little-known part of southern Scotland.